Waitangi Tribunal directions

The Waitangi Tribunal can instruct the parties to an inquiry to carry out specific tasks, such as filing documents by a set date or setting out in writing any objections they have to a proposed course of action.

This document is known as a direction. Directions are usually issued by the presiding officer for an inquiry and help it to proceed in an orderly and efficient manner.

Most directions relate to a single inquiry. Documents in current inquiries can be searched and downloaded.  

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The following memoranda were issued by the Chairperson and affect the work programme of the Waitangi Tribunal as a whole.

Remaining Historical Claims Update Direction

7 June 2016

This memorandum outlines that Judge Carrie Wainwright is leading the review of claims to assess which of them may qualify for inclusion in the remaining historical claims programme. It also advises claimants, who may have remaining historical claims that arise in the North-Eastern Bay of Plenty area, that a hui will be held on 25 June 2016 in Ōpōtiki to hear their views on whether or how they wish the Tribunal to consider their claims.

Remaining Historical Claims Update Direction [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Kaupapa Inquiry Direction

1 April 2015

This memorandum outlines the Waitangi Tribunal's new kaupapa (thematic) inquiry programme concerning nationally significant claims affecting Maori and outlines a general framework for the programme.

Kaupapa Inquiry Direction

Repriorisation of Work Programme Direction

26 April 2012

This memorandum provided information on the Waitangi Tribunal's inquiry programme as at April 2012. It outlined the need for the Tribunal to reprioritise its work programme at the time to respond to the unprecedented increase in urgency and remedy applications.

Repriorisation of Work Programme Direction [PDF, 349 KB]

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