After the hearing

The Tribunal releases its report

After hearings are complete, the Tribunal panel writes a report that details its findings. The amount of time this takes varies and depends on a number of factors, including the size of an inquiry. This can take from a few days or weeks for urgent inquiries, up to several years for large and complex district inquiries. The Tribunal has released numerous and varied reports over the years, which are available to download or to purchase.

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Report handover ceremony

The Tribunal will occasionally hold a report handover ceremony for the claimants and other parties that have participated in an inquiry.

Remedies inquiries

Occasionally claimants with well-founded claims apply to the Tribunal for a remedies inquiry.

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Tribunal reports can assist the parties in their settlement negotiations.  Settlement negotiations are facilitated by Te Arawhiti: the Office for Māori Crown Relations.

Find out about the settlement process on the Te Arawhiti website(external link)

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