The Waitangi Tribunal and the Waitangi Tribunal Unit have issued a range of documents. A large number of these are available to read or download online and some are available in hard copy format.

  • Waitangi Tribunal reports

    These detail the Tribunal’s findings and recommendations on the claims it has inquired into. The Tribunal has released numerous and varied reports over the years. They are available to download in PDF format or to purchase in hard copy.

  • Research reports

    Research on Waitangi Tribunal claims can be undertaken by claimants, Waitangi Tribunal staff and contractors, Crown Forestry Rental Trust researchers, and commissioned researchers. Most of these research reports are available to search through or to download.

  • Te Manutukutuku

    Read and find out how to receive the Waitangi Tribunal’s official newsletter.

  • Bibliography

    To assist researchers, historians, and claimants to access research reports prepared for Tribunal inquiries, the Waitangi Tribunal Unit has put out a bibliography listing them. Tribunal Reports are also included in this list.

  • Rangahaua Whānui Series

    In the early 1990s, the Tribunal commissioned a series of reports, called the Rangahaua Whānui Series, to address many of the common issues arising in claims and Tribunal inquiries.

  • Resource kits

    The Waitangi Tribunal Unit has also produced a number of school resource kits for use by primary school pupils, as well as two publications for claimants on the claims process and preparing evidence.

  • Waitangi Tribunal directions

    The Tribunal has issued a large number of memoranda and other papers giving information on the procedure to be followed by the parties, making decisions on legal questions raised by the parties, and commissioning research. While most of these papers are specific to one inquiry only, some relate to all inquiries.

  • Other publications

    These are a small series of other publications covering material that may be of use to people preparing their research and evidence for a claim, and reading about the Treaty of Waitangi and the Waitangi Tribunal’s inquiry process.

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