Housing Policy and Services Inquiry

The Tribunal’s kaupapa inquiry programme is designed to provide a pathway to hear nationally significant claim issues that affect Māori as a whole or a section of Māori in similar ways.


Wai 2750 – Housing Policy and Services Inquiry will hear outstanding claims with grievances concerning housing policy and services. Many of the claims which raise grievances in relation to housing issues have been brought on behalf of particular whānau, hapū and iwi from across the nation. Many of the related claims allege Crown failure to ensure an adequate standard of housing for Māori, both rural and urban, or to deliver state services, programmes and support enabling Māori access to adequate housing.

Panel Members

Inquiry Progress

In memorandum-directions dated 25 July 2019, the Chairperson formally initiated the Housing Policy and Services Inquiry and appointed Judge Craig Coxhead as Presiding Officer and Mr Basil Morrison and Ms Prue Kapua to this inquiry as panel members.

Following his appointment, Judge Coxhead informed parties that a preliminary assessment of the claims had been conducted, and four broad themes have been identified:

  1. Housing policy, practice and regulation of the housing market.
  2. Social housing: the provision of ‘public housing’ by government (central and/or local).
  3. Use and development of Māori land for housing.
  4. Relationship between poor physical and mental health (and other socio-economic factors) and housing.

This list is a preliminary summary of the issues that may be heard as part of the Housing Policy and Services inquiry and is not exhaustive.  Issues to be included will likely be refined as the inquiry progresses, and assessment of claim eligibility is completed by Tribunal staff.

A preliminary list of claims that have confirmed their intention to participate in this inquiry was released to parties in August 2019.

Recent developments

The Presiding Officer convened a Judicial Conference on 21 October 2019 with parties to discuss possible ways forward for this inquiry.Matters discussed included: the eligibility of claims, research, funding issues and a proposed planning hui to discuss inquiry scope and design.

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