Military Veterans Inquiry

The Military Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry (Wai 2500) will hear all claims involving past military service undertaken directly for or on behalf of the Crown in right of New Zealand or, in earlier colonial times, for or on behalf of the imperial Crown in New Zealand.

This extends to all types of military service, whether operational or routine, whether in time of war or peace, and whether at home or abroad. It includes the military service itself and the rehabilitation and remediation of service-related impacts on ex-servicepeople and their whānau.

There are 109 claims that have been deemed eligible to participate in the inquiry (Wai 2500, #2.5.71(b)).

Panel members

The Wai 2500 Tribunal panel consists of:

Hearings and events

Oral evidence hearings were held in 2016, in Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Northland, Whakatane, and Christchurch during which the Tribunal heard evidence from surviving ex-servicepeople and their whānau. 

In 2022 the Tribunal began the process to finalise the Tribunal statement of issues, after which a second phase of hearings is expected to begin.

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Tribunal-commissioned Research Reports

Following the initial oral evidence hearings, the Tribunal commissioned six research reports which were produced between 2016 and 2020. These are:

  • Māori Military Service for the Crown, 1840 – 1899 (Wai 2500, #A246)
  • An Overview of Māori Military Service for the Crown, 1899 – 1945 (Wai 2500, #A247)
  • Māori and Military Service for the Crown, 1946 – 2017 (Wai 2500, #A250)
  • The Economic Rehabilitation of Māori Military Veterans (Wai 2500, #A248)
  • Health and Social Impacts of Māori Military Service for the Crown, 1845 – present (Wai 2500, #A251)
  • Māori Returned Servicemen and the Omana, Awamate, Huramua, and Rakaukaka Farm Settlements, Gisborne and Wairoa District, 1920 – 1958 (Wai 2500, #A254)
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