Kaupapa inquiries

Kaupapa (thematic) inquiries are not specific to any district. They deal with nationally significant issues affecting Māori as a whole.

A memorandum concerning the kaupapa inquiry programme was issued in 2015 by the Waitangi Tribunal’s Chairperson, Chief Judge Wilson Isaac. A second memorandum updating and refining the the kaupapa process was issued in March 2019. The kaupapa inquiries topics and order in which they are scheduled for inquiry are:

  • Military veterans
  • Health services and outcomes
  • Takutai moana
  • Mana wāhine
  • Housing policy and services
  • Constitution, self-government and electoral system
  • Education services and outcomes
  • Social services and social development
  • Economic development
  • Identity and culture
  • Natural resources and environmental management
  • Justice system
  • Citizenship rights and equality

Read the 2015 memorandum about the Kaupapa Inquiry Programme [PDF, 476 KB]

Read the 2019 memorandum about the Kaupapa Inquiry Programme [PDF, 887 KB]

2019 Kaupapa Inquiry Programme - Appendix [PDF, 163 KB]

The following kaupapa inquiries have commenced:

The Military Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry (Wai 2500)

The Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry (Wai 2575)

The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act Inquiry (Wai 2660)

The National Fresh Water and Geothermal Resources Inquiry (Wai 2358)*

The following kaupapa inquiries are currently at the preparation stage:

  • The Mana Wāhine Kaupapa Inquiry (Wai 2700)
  • The Housing Policy and Services Kaupapa Inquiry (Wai 2750)

*commenced prior to the formal kaupapa inquiry programme being established.

 A number of Kaupapa claims have already been heard:

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