Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry

The Tribunal’s kaupapa inquiry programme is designed to provide a pathway to hear nationally significant claim issues that affect Māori as a whole or a section of Māori in similar ways.


Wai 2575 - the Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry will hear all claims concerning grievances relating to health services and outcomes and which are of national significance. There are currently over 200 claims seeking to participate in the inquiry and there is currently no cut-off date for the filing of claims. The Tribunal will hear claimants who clearly specify eligible health-related grievances in their statements of claim and notify their intention to participate in the inquiry.

Panel members

The Wai 2575 Tribunal panel consists of:

Inquiry progress

In December 2017, the Presiding Officer confirmed that Wai 2575 will proceed on a phased and thematic basis, with health related-issues to be heard in stages according to priority. Stage one, which concluded in March 2019, inquired into aspects of primary care. Stage two will cover three priority areas encompassing mental health (including suicide and self-harm), Māori with disabilities, and issues of alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse.

Stage one

The stage one inquiry was a discrete and targeted inquiry into the legislative and policy framework of the primary healthcare system. Those proceedings were confined to the hearing of the Māori Primary Health Organisations & Providers (Wai 1315) and the National Hauora Coalition (Wai 2687) claims. A number of interested parties were also granted varying degrees of participation. The stage one report was released to the public on Monday 1 July 2019.

Stage two

Tribunal-commissioned research

Part one and two of the pre-casebook discussion paper (a Tribunal Unit assessment of the evidence required for the stage two inquiry) have been completed. As a result of the pre-casebook discussion paper, the Tribunal commissioned the following four reports for stage two:

Both reports concerning Māori with disabilities were filed on 28 June 2019 (Wai 2575, #B22(external link); Wai 2575, #B23(external link)), and the report concerning Māori mental health was filed on 30 August 2019 (Wai 2575, #B26).(external link) The report concerning issues of alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse for Māori was released on 20 December 2019 (#B30(external link)).

Crown-commissioned research

The Crown-funded research report modules on Māori Health Trends 1990 – 2015 were filed in February and March 2019. 

The Tribunal has also received the following Crown-funded research reports:

Judicial Conference

The Tribunal will convene a judicial conference on 9 October 2019. The purpose of the judicial conference is to hear submissions on stage two planning matters.

Memorandum-directions concerning 9 October 2019 judicial conference (Wai 2575, #2.6.14(external link))

Memorandum-directions concerning priorities for stage two (Wai 2575, #2.5.29(external link))

Inquiry staff

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